Service level charter for

Claims Service Charter


Our Difference

·         We offer a professional service firm approach by

·         Always being fair

·         Putting you and your clients’ interests first

·         Always going the extra mile for you



·         We will have a decision maker available 8am to 6pm; alternatively, if you prefer, you can book an agreed time to meet

·         If you would find it helpful we will send an email to you each morning indicating our availability

·         We are available 24/7; adjusters telephone numbers are available from reception and on the availability website



We commit to

·         Identifying how and to whom a client may escalate a matter to

·         Providing a response to requests/communications from broker/client within an agreed set timescale

·         Always answering your calls



We commit to

·         Providing clear explanations of decisions and proposals

·         Using ROR only when needed and explained sensitively



We commit to

·         Providing feedback sessions post settlement at your request

·         Only using world class experts on your behalf

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